Your goal is simple: reach the portal. But in order to complete the level, you need to do it twice. In the second run, the portal will be spawning your clones that travel back in time and repeat your past actions, so be careful.


  • Arrow keys - move/jump
  • C - jump
  • R - restart level

Use left/right brackets to skip levels

Art @Raindrinker, Code @FreezedIce


Ouroboros by Kevin MacLeod

If you have issues with resolution/sound in the HTML build, try using this build (nothing changed, only sound fixes)
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
AuthorsFreezedIce, Raindrinker
Made withGodot
TagsPixel Art, rewind, Singleplayer, Time Travel


RetroRift Windows 20 MB


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That's a great game. If it's on Steam, i will want to buy it.

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How many Px by Px is your art?

Your character is so cute I want to make him for a photo

its just a black screen

HTML build is a bit unstable, you can try the windows build instead (if you are on windows)

liked it quite a lot!
music and aesthetic are pretty nice and fitting

It's good but weird music 👍😐👌


its glitching i cant play it


I really love the concept :) The level design is great and difficulty progressive! I really love the game ^^

I still thinking how you implements this ^^


It's a really good idea. It's really hard and I don't get the "Skip Level" Buttons to work (I have QWERTZ), but you should really make a full game out of it.


just loved the game.

simple yet significant.


Thank you :)


That's a Masterpiece


Awesome game with great visuals!  

Might I ask how did you implement the reverse replay/clones mechanic? Do you keep transform changes and reverse them or something else?


Thank you :)

I just stored player's position and animation clip at each frame (in the array). The clones were reading values from this array in the reversed order and updating their position and animation.

5/5 game!

Genius, I really enjoy playing this game


This is an amazing idea. Nice!