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Ah god, the ritual we were performing got out of hand.
All these demons are set loose into your computer...
Better make them leave before they invade it completely and you run out of space...
They are tricky creatures, but logical ones. 
I'm sure they can be reasoned with.
                           I hope.

Demons are taking over your computer and eating your disk space.

They come through the portal folder that you need to close. . . .

  • To clear room, you have to delete all (except cultist) files inside the room folder in a specific order
  • But you cant just delete it and you need to clear all rooms inside the portal
  • You need to think of the right order of deleting files
  • Talk to Cultists and Demons to get useful hints.
  • Cultist gets angry (!!!) if you make mistake you need to wait 5 seconds to try again
  • ALL ORDERING GOES FROM BOTTOM TO TOP (e.g. A-Z, 1-99, cold-hot, dark-light...)

Made by @FreezedIce and @Raindrinker

Music 'Wake Up' by Crazy Games from freemusicarchive.org

Ludum Dare Page https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/demon-space


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