You play as a slime stuck in a room full of deadly saws.

Your goal is to collect a few gems randomly spawned within the room.

Seems easy, right? Here is the twist: after completing each level you have to choose between 3 random modifiers which make the next room harder. See how long you can last!


  • WASD/Arrows - Move
  • Space - Dash/Select

Coding/FX - @FreezedIce

Art - @Raindrinker

Sounds (music) - @Securas

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorsFreezedIce, Raindrinker


Sliced Jam Version 14 MB


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Me: Oh hey this game is pretty cool-

Me: *Dies in room 8*

Me: Oh well, at least I get to retry the room I died at right?

Me: *Starts back in room 1*


Well done! Strangely addictive game! The choice of modifiers offers variety and a subtle element of strategic thinking...very good job!

i like this game 

my room counter is cut off


this is actually amazing

very fun game and cool idea

I have a CHALLENGE for you all! try to see how far you can get by only having small saws.

i got to room 6

I got to room 17 so beat 16

its so hard to get far far away

Died in room 14 because the saws were enormous lol.

Room 16 (died on, beat 15)

Oml. I realized that I def need to practise way more to even get to room 14

I did a special speedrun of this game where i went as fast as i could till room 5 and always picked the left option. I call it the LRRW(Left is Right and Right is Wrong)% speedrun. My time was 53.49 seconds. Reply if you beat my time on a LRRW%.

39.54 seconds (and used google timer so I had the disadvantage of having to tab back and forth to turn on/off

Small bug to fix: Using inverse twice just cancels them both out, maybe you could have just one be inverse and any afterward shuffles controls randomly?


It could be on purpose

Its on purpose. Reverse controls modifier works like a challenge. You take it hoping to find another one in the next few rooms to cancel them out. It allows you to skip a few rooms

Got to room 14! 

fun game i got to level 8 

very fun :)