Help the snakes get to their goals!

Click and drag the snakes' heads to pull them around. The hub (house icon) lets you access all levels anytime, but we recommend doing the levels in order.

  • Use LMB to drag snakes
  • Use RMB (or press the undo button) to undo the last move
  • Use LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move though levels if you want to

PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorsFreezedIce, Raindrinker


Sneks Android 24 MB

Development log


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Just finish all levels ! Very lovely and interesting, thanks for this!

this game is good and hard at the same time

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My sneks seem to be extremely wobbly:

Lenovo Thinkpad E14, Win 10, Chrome 102.0.5005.61 (Official Build) (64-bit) 


It was very addicting. And the controls were quite nice. I was expecting to hear some slithering SFX tho ^__^


I got to level Mountain:6 (Bolivia) on my first moments with this game and I really enjoy this game! It’s got charming graphics and deep puzzles that fully explore the mechanics in a great way! Incredible work on this submission; I hope it’s rated well in the jam!


It feels SOOOOOO satisfying to beat a level. Awesome job


Sneks Walkthrought


Just perfect! Congrats!


This is super-professional and very clever.  I might consider tweaking the hub to make it clear which things you've done and which thing is "next", even if anything is accessible.  (At one point I had messed up too deeply to want to click the undo button as many times as I'd need to, so I hit "home", and then I wasn't sure where I was.)  But that's a pretty minor point in a very nice game.


Hey, thanks for feedback! The hub was kinda a last minute decision, so it's a bit of a mess (doesn't track level progress, no correlation between level number and name), something we can definitely fix in a post-jam version.


I think it's a little buggy..


Damn that looks amazing how did you even do that

I'm honestly curious!

all I did was play the game normally, I don't know how I managed this

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Interesting, you don't mind sharing your system/browser specs?